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Elizabeth Street Jewelry

Born and raised in New Orleans, I became inspired by the aesthetic of paint chipping off of beautiful old houses and the oxidized texture or wrought iron fences; the rare beauty of imperfections acquired by age. Since receiving my B.F.A.

This is Daniela Skrein

Daniela Skrein is a Vienna based painter/illustrator/jewelry designer. I spied on her for a day as she did one of her paintings for her exhibition ‘One night in Paris’ (Vienna | Nov 2012). When we shot the film she was

Jewelry Designer Philip Crangi

Jewelry Designer Philip Crangi on cult design, garage sale sheik & tortured art. Philip Crangi was trained at the renowned Rhode Island School of Design as a goldsmith, which gave him the foundation to grow into the acclaimed jewelry designer

Lori Bisogno Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry by Lori Bisogno I studied Metal Smithing and Jewelry Design 29 years ago, while living abroad in Venezuela, SA. What began as a method of improving my Spanish, soon developed into a passion to create. After 22 years

The story of a true metalsmith artist

Here is her story…I was born with a hammer in my hand. Perhaps not the most comfortable or easy situation for my mother…but since making her the tiara, she at least doesn’t disclose the details of my early craftsmanship (or