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What Was I Thinking? – The Series

That helpless feeling, the one where you swear you’re losing the battle for an idea, frantically looking for inspiration. You’re sitting there with Moon Pie eyes like a lost child in a crowded mall on Saturday morning. I think every

Let The Arts Roam

Wherever they go, they try to make something that makes sense for the neighborhood, and the community. And they always make something positive, something the artists hope people can enjoy — regardless of whether life has greeted them with great

The Artist

Allison Kunath – Ventura, CA Kunath’s work is fueled by the tension between her thirst for solitude and hunger for connection. Creating self-reflective work that explores communication and various forms of connection, Kunath says ‘Relationship is my greatest teacher,’ and

Aaron Smith – Fine Art Painter

Aaron Smith attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where he is now an associate chair. His work has been featured in solo exhibitions in galleries in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York and in group shows at

This is Daniela Skrein

Daniela Skrein is a Vienna based painter/illustrator/jewelry designer. I spied on her for a day as she did one of her paintings for her exhibition ‘One night in Paris’ (Vienna | Nov 2012). When we shot the film she was

“Screamin’ Skulls” Drew Brophy

Drew paints a bad-ass design on a Harley Davidson, stokes out a cute biker chick with a happy painting on her helmet, and paints a surfboard with a unique technique.    

Portrait of an Artist – Michael DesRosiers

Seeing an artwork is to perceive its meaning. It must speak out on purely visual terms which predicate its existence and its primary purpose. In that context the act of making art becomes a conversational equivalency, a dialogue between my

Street Art Communication – Košice 2010

Košice, Slovakia Top graffiti on the walls of school – Street Art Communication Košice 2010. Short report from the meeting of street artists from all over the Europe. During the week they tried to change the ugly grey walls of

Pinstripers at work: Von Maze vs. Jeral Tidwell

Von Maze (Germany) and Jeral Tidwell (USA) pinstriping at Walz Hardcore Cycles Open House 2010 Pinstripers at work: Von Maze vs. Jeral Tidwell from The Pixeleye // Dirk Behlau on Vimeo.

Ed Roth’s Orbitron Rides Again

Ed Roth’s Orbitron was thought to be lost forever. The story of how it was recently found and restored by the team at Galpin Auto Sports.