For The Benefit of Mr. Kite

The reproduction of a rare poster!

Lennon bought the poster in an antiques shop and hung it in his music room. While writing for Sgt. Pepper one day, he drew inspiration from the quirky, old-fashioned language and set the words to music.

Every effort has been made to be true to the original poster and it is printed using the same methods that would have been used in 1843. Every single print in this limited edition is individually inked and hand-pulled on a vintage Albion press. After drying, it is numbered by hand, in pencil at the lower right in the form #/1967. Each print also comes with a hand-signed certificate of authenticity.

Printed on archival-quality paper and featuring two wood-engravings by renowned artist Andy English, this reproduction is a not only a beautiful letterpress print in its own right, but a unique and fascinating item of Beatles memorabilia. Properly cared-for, it should last at least as long as John Lennon’s original copy – and who knows where yours will end up 124 years from now!

Get yours here.

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