Break Time is over, now get back to work!

Every adventure starts with planning, this time it’s localized. No big road trip just close to home, down and dirty foot work. Over a number of years I’ve been visiting as many locations as possible digging up images from the Ozarks past. Whether it’s an old mill site, abandoned home, deserted road or well traveled touristy spot I’m shooting it.

I’m in the process of updating my website to reveal this project and all the while planning the next project. No I’m not in it for the money I’m doing it to preserve the image of these places while they still exist. Already a few of these places have been removed, bulldozed, fallen into oblivion, or burned. It won’t be too many more years before the structures of my grandfathers era are nothing but a memory. When I get the site functional I’ll put you out a notice and hope you’ll visit.

If you have information on any historical, abandoned or sentimental site you would like to share and see permanently captured leave me comment below. I’ll do my best to visit it.

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