The Weather Is Fine.

Celeste had gone to L.A. to see our daughter which left me some free time to explore. I had wanted to go into the Bull Shoals Lake area for some time now, it’s full of unexpected places, things or I should say eye candies. I left Springfield, MO and headed south on Hwy 125 and winged it from there. Visiting Chadwick, Bradleyville and Protem on further south. I detoured to go see Davidson’s Store and motel but got back onto the highway pronto.

I remembered why I love the Ozarks so much once I reached the glades then further up into the hills. Those vistas are breathtaking. I also knew Bull Shoals would, early in the morning, give me some fog. It always does this time of year. I ran onto an abandoned home place that I only could see the very peak of the roof in the timbers. I had to go take a peek. As I approached the house there was a lonely chair sitting on the porch like someone was sitting and waiting for company. Around the house was the normal, out buildings, outhouse, barn and a spring house. The spring house had to be one of the nicest I have ever ran across, it had two separate rooms and as the spring left the structure they had built a retaining wall around it for a pool area, I’m sure they used it during the warm months. A very good trip overall with the exception of my camera shooting craps. Oh well time for a new one.

Founding members of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils Randle Chowning and Larry Lee formed Beyond Reach in 2005 as a recording entity. Multi-instrumentalists Ned Wilkinson and David Wilson joined them and the new group started performing live in concert settings.

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