Barns of the Ozarks – Part 1

Ozark’s barns are fantastic testaments to the hardscrabble way of life, a life centered on the land, work, family, ingenuity, and perseverance. Many think of barns as integral landmarks along the byways. Others have their favorite barns like the well-kept, Meramec Caverns advertising barns dotting the interstate highways or the faded milking barn near their hometown. Others know these barns more intimately, barns are part of their family and home.

They are barns built by hand in wood, stone, brick, or metal and dating as far back as 1860. I’ll try to capture the beauty of these barns. You might see the making and breaking of a barn as it plays into the life and sustenance of several generations of a family who settled the land and now the farm is left abandoned, barns and buildings left to endure the mercy of time and mother nature. Now, who is up for a barn dance?

Here in the Ozarks, today would be a perfect day to get your tractor ready to store over the winter. In this video, I provide several tips for proper offseason maintenance, including how to use a power washer and WD-40 Specialist Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser to clean and remove excess grease.

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