Bonnie and Clyde in the Ozarks

A vintage photo of the gas station on Glenstone Avenue where Bonnie & Clyde got gas when they captured Tom Percell. It became the Quik Spud store, and now has been totally renovated with the addition of a large metal building to the north. Queen City Oil, starting out as a flour and feed store, was built by Emral Brock and Oscar Hawkins in 1929. They soon started selling Standard gas, then Mobil, along with tires and dry goods. In 1939 a viaduct was built over them, effectively bypassing the station.

They moved six blocks north on Route 66 and built an additional station. Queen City Oil currently housing Irene’s Quik Spuds, stayed in business into the 1980s. (1801 E. Trafficway)
~Robert H. Gibbons~

Now the home of “Irene’s Quik Spuds,” this red brick building, located under the Glenstone Avenue
viaduct had once housed the gas station where Bonnie and Clyde had stopped for gas and a Coke after
taking Tom captive. Some of the original Route 66 pavement can still be seen under the viaduct.

The complete story is here from Contributor: Robert H. Gibbons


Today the building looks like this as of December 2017 when I took the shots.

The original stretch of 66 as it appears today, it’s just a stones throw from that station and it’s pretty narrow. Still in good shape.

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