The Avillians

Avilla has quiet a history, from it’s early inception through World War II. It will be much easier to give you the Wiki link if your interested in Avilla History.

My time in Avilla has always been fun, the people are open and friendly. For example, a certain older gentleman invited my friend Rick and myself into his Avilla Gentlemen’s Clubhouse for coffee and a quick chat. He is one of Avilla’s true gems. Enamel pots and pans collected and hung on the clubhouse walls, a giant concrete frog in the front yard, just about anything you can think of was somewhere around.

I was told that the clubhouse was no more, he had a son move into the building ending the informal chats, that’s too bad I looked forward to visiting again.

My second time back I was by myself and went into Bernie’s Bar & Grill to grab something to eat. Again those friendly “Avillian’s” were in top form and suggested a simple cheeseburger telling me “that’s what we’re famous for”. He was right. Stop in Bernie’s if you’re hungry! I suggest the cheeseburger.

There are lots of interesting buildings in and around Avilla, The Bank building (Post office now), I.O.O.F. just to name a couple.

Next time your out on west Route 66 take the time to see Avilla, you can’t be in that big of a hurry. Oh and grab a cheeseburger while you’re there.

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