Tractors Gone Wild

Within the first few decades, tractor use was slow to catch on. Yet once farmers realized the benefits that could be had in tractor-driven farming, popularity soared. There was no need for cumbersome manual labor when a simple machine like a tractor could do the job for you. From 1910-1970, tractor production drastically increased from 1000 tractors to nearly 5 million.
Falling prices contributed to tractor to tractor growth. Early tractors cost as much as $785 in 1920. Just two years later in 1922, a tractor could be purchased for only $395. The price dropped by nearly half in just two years, making tractors an affordable piece of agricultural machinery for almost every farmer.

Thought this might be useful to some of my readers, Tractor Mike has been around farms, tractors and implements all of his life so when he decided to share that knowledge I thought I would share his site with you. He’s not selling anything he’s giving you information. So take it away Mike.

As expensive as tractors are, maintenance is critical to insure a long life. A tractor, implement or attachment that is not regularly maintained, may fail early and the repair will likely not be covered under warranty. Understanding basic equipment maintenance will insure a long, productive life, and help protect the investment in each product.

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