What Was I Thinking? – The Series

That helpless feeling, the one where you swear you’re losing the battle for an idea, frantically looking for inspiration. You’re sitting there with Moon Pie eyes like a lost child in a crowded mall on Saturday morning. I think every artist at one time or another has been there. Putting themselves under pressure to perform, willing themselves to do that next great American masterpiece. At least we would like to think so.  As a younger man I had that competitive nature wanting to exceed beyond my talent and of course my limits. Today, I seem to go with the flow to coin an expression. I am, at times, looking at myself wondering why I’m doing what I’m doing as an artist. If it’s not competitive what is it?

I know I can’t please everyone, I can try to make myself happy. I know that might sound self centered but so be it, I can live with that. I’ve been asked “what drugs are you taking?”, “where did you come up with that idea?”, I can’t pin point the answer because I truly don’t know. I can only say that with the availability of images online you get flash backs subconsciously. Nothing is truly new, just re-purposed when ran through my meat grinder of a brain. I apologize to those artists works I have ground up. I can make amens to those affected by telling you who I admire and flagrantly borrow from. These are not Picasso’s or Rembrandt’s just common hard working people with skilled hands, sharp wits and keen eyes.

Day 1  Matt Hayward – San Diego, CA

His works fuses ocean themes both above and below water, vibrant colors, with elements of a street style. The ocean has always been a huge part of his life and is the consistent theme in his works. Growing up he made frequent surf trips to Malibu and Ventura and eventually moved to San Diego for college. Spending much of his free time surfing San Diego’s coastline and enjoying the beach life. Currently he invests much of his free time fishing these waters and has became a fanatic of the local fishery. Matt’s work focuses on the magic of the ocean, its creatures and its mystique as seen through his eyes.

Matt’s art also has a street style to it. Matt grew up on the outskirts of LA and was intrigued by the artwork displayed around the city.

He is a self taught artist who has learned from his own experiences and failures. The progression of his work over time fueled him. Never having any intentions on being an “artist”, rather he just felt good painting. While most of his audience only witnesses the finished project the process of creating is his true joy. As he put it “I reach my zen state when I turn the music up, grab a paint brush and tune out the world for a bit”.

Matt Hayward’s website

I like Matt’s “Chovy Style”, we have things in common, not in our works but our lifestyles. It’s something you just sense. I’ve never met Matt face to face we’re thousands of miles apart, but through his online presence I can tell he’s “full up” on life. He has it hooked and reeling it in. With that said, I’m comfortable and at home when I look at his work,  it soaks the Pacific in and makes me want to be right there in the boat with a cold one and a grouper sandwich.

My inspiration of “The Chovy” is one of color, the kind only the ocean can provide. He pegged the colors dead on. You don’t just get that by looking at a tube of paint you have to be there to see it everyday. It’s a free style flow of color and shape, you can see the movement without exaggeration of the objects he paints. It’s minimal but effective and who doesn’t want to paint that way? He captures that street art style without turning off those opposed to graffiti. I could easily see his work on a building in downtown in San Diego. San Diego wake up, pay the guy and look good!


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