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That helpless feeling, the one where you swear you’re losing the battle for an idea, frantically looking for inspiration. You’re sitting there with Moon Pie eyes like a lost child in a crowded mall on Saturday morning. I think every artist at one time or another has been there. Putting themselves under pressure to perform, willing themselves to do that next great American masterpiece. At least we would like to think so.  As a younger man I had that competitive nature wanting to exceed beyond my talent and of course my limits. Today, I seem to go with the flow to coin an expression. I am, at times, looking at myself wondering why I’m doing what I’m doing as an artist. If it’s not competitive what is it?

I know I can’t please everyone, I can try to make myself happy. I know that might sound self centered but so be it, I can live with that. I’ve been asked “what drugs are you taking?”, “where did you come up with that idea?”, I can’t pin point the answer because I truly don’t know. I can only say that with the availability of images online you get flash backs subconsciously. Nothing is truly new, just re-purposed when ran through my meat grinder of a brain. I apologize to those artists works I have ground up. I can make amens to those affected by telling you who I admire and flagrantly borrow from. These are not Picasso’s or Rembrandt’s just common hard working people with skilled hands, sharp wits and keen eyes.


Day 2  Stacye Wilson – Nashville, TN

If there’s a problem, yo, I’ll solve it.Stacye Wilson

Admittedly Stacye is my confidante, muse and friend.  I’ve known her for most of my life, but make no mistake she has the chutzpah going on. Her work is brutally honest. Her collage work is frank, colorful and pointed to say the least. The kind of work I wish I would have not only thought of, but done. She takes no prisoners and cuts and quarters her subjects like no other artist I know, but does it in a very congenial manner.


I have never, ever heard Stacye refer to herself as an artist. I think she is one of the best, an inspiration to me and I love her for it. Thank you Stacye! I look through her massive amount of work and wonder if she is a visual artist or a writer? Probably both and for crying out loud I laugh until I almost cry over some of her work. Her Common Sense Jesus makes you stop and think. Right or wrong, good or bad it’s classic in a wicked way.

Take my word for it and go see for yourself, her Instagram is a microcosm of her life. Capturing her days, thoughts and friends in a way only she can do it.

Stacye Wilson on Istagram

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