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Day 3 Marcia Menendez

Not necessarily someone you would think of as inspiring if you are a traditional artist, but she does inspire me with her grit, determination and hard work ethic. I’ll get straight to the point, Marcia wakes up and I’m sure like most of us has a cup of coffee. The coffee isn’t confirmed but, I can’t imagine her not drinking coffee. She has her plate full every day of the week and when the art and craft show season begins I bet it’s crazy around her place.

Marcia works full time and then comes home and works her second job, in between she handles multiple Instagram accounts for other entities plus her own. All the while planning her own website and posting up her clothing on Facebook. Tired yet? Go grab a cup of coffee and settle in.


She calls it “Deconstructed and reconstructed clothing and accessories”. That sounds just like her hectic lifestyle to me always re-inventing, re-purposing  re-organizing. After she’s done it seems to all come together with just the right touch of color in the right spot. Success is usually determined by sales and shelf space, Marcia has to go the extra mile for her sales for the love of the road and show. She does countless shows throughout the Midwest, if you get a chance to visit her at a show you’ll be knocked over by the display and her smile. I always look forward to seeing her in my hometown.

Marcia told me, “As a former florist, I have always loved vivid colors and beautiful things.  This is expressed through my infatuation with textiles.  My original designed wearable art combines all of these things.  Using various fabric and textiles, I create one of a kind jackets, obi belts, and vests.  My techniques include serging with exposed seams to add to the aesthetics of the garment.  The play between the colors, patterns, and textures are an integral part of the uniqueness of each design.”

Marcia Menendez – A & M Accessories

A & M Accessories Deconstructed and reconstructed clothing and accessories.

Instagram with Marcia and see behind the scenes design and planning.

Marcia on Etsy

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