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The Artist

Allison Kunath – Ventura, CA Kunath’s work is fueled by the tension between her thirst for solitude and hunger for connection. Creating self-reflective work that explores communication and various forms of connection, Kunath says ‘Relationship is my greatest teacher,’ and

Drew Brophy and Chalk Gallery

Drew Brophy has been a professional artist for over 25 years.  He says of his profession, “It’s my job to make things look cool.” A life-long surfer and world traveler, Drew’s career exploded in the late 1990’s when he began painting his

New Logo for Von Hot Rod

Just finished up the first renderings of Von Hot Rod’s logo. Still need to take it into Illustrator and do finals. Of course he’s known for his World Class pinstriping but there’s more to him than just laying down sweet

Behind Bars Inc: 2011 Shiny Side Up Bicycle Show

Behind Bars Inc: 2011 Shiny Side Up Bicycle Show Official Video from Cinepixtor Media on Vimeo. Behind Bars Inc presents the 2011 Shiny Side Up Bicycle Show in San Jose, CA at History Park! If you experience any choppiness in

Where They Raced

Where They Raced 2012 Teaser from Sunny & Mild Media on Vimeo. A documentary teaser video featuring a by gone era of racing in California.

Where They Raced – Part II

Where They Raced 2nd Teaser from Sunny & Mild Media on Vimeo. Known around the world for its sunshine, oranges, bathing beauties and Hollywood blockbusters – it’s hard to imagine (and mostly forgotten) that arguably more racing and innovation has

Targa California

From Petrolicious Targa California from Petrolicious on Vimeo. The Targa California is our favorite way to experience the beauty and back roads of Central California in a vintage car. An homage to the original Targa Florio race in Sicily, the