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The Return of the Wagon!

The Return of the Wagon! Part 1 Just over 20 years ago, my Dad and I resurrected a rusty 1967 Chevy Nova station-wagon, with the intention of building our next drag-race car. I remember asking Dad: “why a wagon” and

2013 Street Machine Fall Nationals

The 2013 Street Machine Fall Nationals had a little bit of everything in regard to weather, from sunny and warm to rainy and cool. That didn’t dampen the turnout on Saturday, tons of great cars and trucks were on hand

Depth of Speed – Andy the Pinstriper

Depth of Speed takes us to pinstriping shop of Andy Kawahara. Known succinctly as Andy’s Pinstriping, his craft is a true unification of art and automotive. Josh Clason speaks with Andy regarding why he loves pinstriping and how the old

Austrian Mopar Nationals 2011 – DVD Trailer

Austrian Mopar Nationals 2011 - DVD Trailer from Mr Cadillac on Vimeo. The trailer for the Austrian Mopar Nationals DVD.The Austrian Mopar Nationals were held on June 25th at the Wachauring in Melk.More info on moparnats.at


Marlowe from ALCHEMYcreative on Vimeo. This is a spec project made to illustrate the impact of unique and emotional stories told by ordinary people. We explore the life of a collector, artist and retired teacher and his history with a

Some Old Ford

Some Old Ford from Ben Pender-Cudlip on Vimeo. A story about a man and his car.