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4th Annual Eagle Field Hot Rod Gathering

Eagle field from E-rock415 on Vimeo.

Egg Salad

A creation from the dark depths of Super Rat Racing, Egg Salad was a Bonneville contender for 2011, accomplishing a top speed of 113mph. Carl Bjorklund, the fabricator behind Super Rat gives a brief description of his work of art

Rare Footage – Garlits vs Shirley at Fremont/Baylands Raceway

The Nitro Hour was a local cable TV program out of Newark California that covered races at Fremont/Baylands Raceway from 1985 – 1987. This is from the first program, the East West Challenge, featuring a match race between Don Garlits

Carnival Of Souls (1962) Full Length

“Carnival of Souls” is an odd, obscure horror film that was made on a low budget in 1962 in Lawrence, Kan., and still has an intriguing power. Like a lost episode from “Twilight Zone,” it places the supernatural right in

Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth from Petrolicious on Vimeo. Dick Hughes may have left behind the speedway and his beloved Alfa Romeo marque, but he can still be found blasting up country roads in his Triumph TR3A, the car of his youth,


BLACK AIR - First 5 Minutes from Andrew Filippone Jr. on Vimeo. It was a strange and curious misfit. Though born a Buick, the Grand National was clearly something else. It was too quick and too brutish to carry that

Day In The Dirt 2010

Hot Rod Revue: Day In The Dirt 2010 Hot Rod Dirt Track Racing! from Cal Thorley on Vimeo.

The Real Thing

The Real Thing from Union HZ on Vimeo. THE REAL THING is a short documentary about custom hot rod builder BODIE STROUD and his re-imagining of a classic Mustang by way of an extremely rare and powerful motor built specifically

Where They Raced

Where They Raced 2012 Teaser from Sunny & Mild Media on Vimeo. A documentary teaser video featuring a by gone era of racing in California.

Where They Raced – Part II

Where They Raced 2nd Teaser from Sunny & Mild Media on Vimeo. Known around the world for its sunshine, oranges, bathing beauties and Hollywood blockbusters – it’s hard to imagine (and mostly forgotten) that arguably more racing and innovation has